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Clown Smash Everything EP release

September 8, 2023 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Norwich post-hardcore dandies ClownSmashEverything make a welcome return to the Hunter Club marking the release of their incendiary new EP ‘Quickening’. Expect angular, nasty riffs; glorious choruses; unrelenting streams of piss and vinegar; that sort of thing. Also attending the party will be the ridiculously good Men of Munga, Norwich indie-rock wizards Settlements, and acclaimed Suffolk noise-merchants ShortCuts! Only the best for you, Bury.
Genre-spanning hardcore dandies ClownSmashEverything have been described as “combining the best aspects of punk, metal, and desert rock,” and “Tool on crack.” Make of that what you will; crack is a hell of a drug… Glorious choruses serve as the perfect foil to angular, nasty riffs and wry, darkly humorous lyrics spat with venom and bile. Post-millennial angst for the terminally optimistic. You can dance to it, too.
FFO Cave In/Cancer Bats/The Bronx
Like the sterile steel of the anaesthetics room, Men of Munga offer cold comfort. Furrowing channels of low-tensile vibrations while the motorik rhythms carve teeth on the cogs of the machine. This is a blues for the broken century, a grunge of bliss and paranoia.
FFO Jesus Lizard/Elder/Enablers
‘This 4 piece Alt rock/grunge band have got their sh*t tight’ – RGM Magazine
Formed in 2018, Settlements have proven time and time again, the wall of sound they create is something else. You have to see it to believe it, as many people have said time and time again. With hints of Garage/Alt/Grunge thrown in, you will be amazed at what’s in store!
FFO Alice In Chains/Deftones/
Shortcuts started as internet only project during Covid from a few Suffolk punkers but a four song EP quickly lead to the band getting signed to American punk rock label OBS records and formed into a band in 2022 featuring ex members of devilment , the 4130s , luvdump and dangers close, in 2023 a new release is planned and live shows are being booked now
FFO Early AFI/Bad Religion/Pennywise
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September 8, 2023


7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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